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Hi there! I’m Rachel Cancino-Neill

Founder and Practitioner of RECLAIM

I’m not only a practitioner who specializes in Chronic Conditions to find the root causes; I’ve also been the person trying to find the root causes for my own health deterioration. At 23-years-old, I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and could barely walk. Then, I was receiving markers consistent with subclinical hypothyroidism and blood sugar dysregulation. I had signs and symptoms for endometriosis and hemorrhoids. My life changed, though, when finding the root causes for my deteriorating health became possible. Suddenly, I had choices. I could reclaim my health and wellness. My health began to change for the better. Now, my body is more resilient and functional than it was in my 20’s! Thanks to The Wellness Way Academy and Nutritional Therapy Assocation, I have received 2-years of training and became certified to help others do the same. (Learn more about my training and how it can help you by going here).

I would be honored to walk with you on your journey of reclamation. Through our partnership, you will be empowered and equipped to take your health in a positive direction.

You will have a better understanding of why your body is responding the way it is and begin to experience positive changes not only in your body, but also in your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. You will gain confidence that you are intricately woven, and you can reclaim your health and wellness.

Let’s put a new, hopeful chapter into your health story!

~Rachel Cancino-Neill, Health Restoration Coach & Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

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How We Work Together

“Wisdom for your intricate design”  means you are given tools that can build confidence in your ability to RECLAIM your health + wellness. Let’s partner up so you can begin to see positive changes!

Private Consultations

The goal of private consultations is to give you personalized tools and recommendations for food and lifestyle habits to change the course of your health.

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Group Classes

Equipping you with knowledge so that you can be strengthened for self-advocacy and begin putting the pieces of your health together.

One-On-One Learning

Sometimes you just need to make sure you are understanding what you are learning. Here, you can get supported as the student of health and wellness.

Start RECLAIMING today!

You matter. Your health matters. You do not have to feel overwhelmed, alone, embarrassed, confused, or frustrated any more. You can do this. You can take your first steps today.

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You can Reclaim Health + Wellness.

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“I loved how you looked deeper into my lab results and gave me an educated and well thought out explanation for my abnormal numbers. It felt like there was a reason for my symptoms that could be addressed.”

~M. Brown

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