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“My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth.” ~Psalm 139:15



Consider the whole person, not just the parts.

Your diagnosis(es), concerns, complaints, and dis-eases aren’t the sum of who you are. Hope for change exists. You can get there.

Through our partnership, you will be empowered and equipped to take your health in a different direction. This happens through comprehensive assessments, extensive testing options, supportive herbs and supplements, and customized food support with lifestyle recommendations. You will also have access to teachings and resources geared toward supporting your resilience physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

There is hope. You can Reclaim your Health + Wellness.

how clients are supported

The Information-Based, Whole-Person Approach for Physical Health

Comprehensive Assessments

As a client, you will receive options for comprehensive assessments and additional testing options that can give better insight into what is going on.

Results help guide your journey for reclaiming your health + wellness.

Supportive Herbs and Supplements

Based on the results from the comprehensive assessments, you will receive optional herb and supplement recommendations that are targeted to support the processes of your body.

Tailored Food Support + Lifestyle Recommendations

Herbs and supplements are great when they work in conjunction with supportive foods and lifestyle.

This is not a generalized protocol, but a specified recommendations list that gives you the tools to see and feel changes in your body.

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Answers to Your Questions

What is nutritional therapy?

Food is powerful! It gives the body all the building blocks needed for function, support, energy, and resilience. Nutritional therapy considers such impacts and applies practical steps for helping the body get what it needs for health and wellness. A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) is not qualified to give medical advice or diagnoses. An NTP does not treat or cure diseass. An NTP is, also, not a Dietician. An NTP focuses on food as a support, not as a treatment.

What is a “Health Restoration Coach”?

Like a Swiss watch, the body consists of very elaborate mechanisms and systems that are interdependent–if one mechanism or system breaks down, it creates dysfunction everywhere else. A Health Restoration Coach (HRC) specializes in looking at the body in this manner. Using comprehensive bloodwork and testing options gives more insight into your body and where you need support through food, herbs, and nutritional supplements. An HRC is not qualified to give medical advice or diagnoses. An HRC does not treat or cure diseases. An HRC is not a qualified counselor, but does consider mental and emotional health in the scope of how the body is functioning in response to those elements.

Learn more about this approach by going to The Wellness Way Academy

How is RECLAIM health + wellness’s approach different?

There are many other options for care, yet most (not all) often get hyperfocused on one particular area. The beauty of “Considering the whole person, not just the parts” means everything that can be impacting your physical health is considered–lifestyle, childhood experiences, food habits, blood chemistry, brain composition, trauma, grief, relationships and emotional awareness to name a few.

Can I just do one meeting?

Making changes to the body takes time and consistency. Meeting for supportive care just one time simply will not be enough. The Foundational Program is 3-months long because it can take about that long for the body to make changes. The Foundational+ Program doesn’t have a defined time due to the nature of that program.

What if I commit to the program but decide not to complete it?

Having a body that is in pain, discomfort, and dis-ease can make it difficult to commit to new habits. Sometimes adding one more thing can put you in a more stressed state that you didn’t anticipate. Sometimes financial circumstances change. If, for any of these reasons, you don’t want to complete the program, please talk about it with your Practitioner. 

Please note: you will have options for paying in-full or making installments. If you are having hesitations but still want to sign-up for the program, opt to pay by installments and discuss your hesitations with the Practitioner. 

Start RECLAIMING today!

You matter. Your health matters. You do not have to feel overwhelmed, alone, embarrassed, confused, or frustrated any more. You can do this. You can take your first steps today.

When you fill out the form, you’ll get access to a free teaching and comprehensive assessment that will set the stage for our journey together.

You can Reclaim Health + Wellness.

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I appreciated learning how our bodies work and that God created them to heal themselves if the conditions are right. I also learned how detrimental stress is and how effects can be long lasting in our bodies. I also learned that our mental health is very important to our physical health. You also shared some tools to deal with and help bring down stress levels in our bodies.”

-Beverly Weyland

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