How to Become a Client


Your First Steps to Becoming a Client

You have tried other things–medications, supplements, natural approaches. You’ve worked with other health professionals. Now, here’s another business–another person–saying it can help you. But can it really?

That depends on you! If you are ready to embrace the body through a whole-person lens, then the path toward feeling better might be closer than you think.

RECLAIM health + wellness is here to empower and equip people to find the root causes and alleviate symptoms by offering specific assessments, recommendations, teachings, and additional resources specific to your needs. You will know your next steps and can build on your confidence.

Here’s what you will do to Become a Client:

1. Click on the link below to watch your free educational video, Elements for Health. You will learn about RECLAIM’s passion and beliefs, the Elements for Health according to RECLAIM, and the approach used here.

2. Upon completion, you will receive directions for completing The Wellness Questionnaire and scheduling the Strategy Phone Call.

3. Once you have completed step 2 (above), you’ll be ready to schedule your FREE Strategy Phone Call. In this 20-minute call, we’ll get to know each other more and you’ll discover how the completed NAQ will be the starting guide for your tailored care.

Interested but want to talk with someone first?

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Get to Know the Founder and Practitioner, Rachel Cancino-Neill, HRC., NTP

It is with great passion Rachel created RECLAIM health + wellness because she wants you to feel confident in changing the course of your health, not because of her knowledge, but because of your determination.

You see, most of Rachel’s life has been spent going against what is “suppose to be.” The statistics were not good for someone growing up with abuse, broken relationships, and with a single mom of 4 kids. On top of that, growing up in a dangerous neighborhood full of gang violence, prostitution, and rampant drug use–the odds were not in her favor.

Yet, what is “suppose to be” doesn’t have to be.

You can make changes; you can choose your path.

Your hardships have the opportunity to grow your resilience, wisdom, and confidence.

Rachel was going to need all of these traits when her physical health took a big turn at age 23.

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